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Baz Bussing through the Garden Route

Baz Bussing through the Garden Route

Got picked up by the Baz Bus at 7 am. Djezzus!! I thought this was going to be a vacation. And guess what; It was raining  A perfect day to spend the next hours on a bus. My plan was to see the Garden Route: A 300-kilometre stretch from Mossel Bay in the west to Storms River in the east. It’s high on the must-see list of most visitors to South Africa, and it offers glorious natural beauty with exiting wildlife and a lot of fun outdoor activities. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to explore since I need to be back in Cape Town by Tuesday 31st because I leave for the meditation retreat November 1st.


But my friend Celine, lives in Port Elizabeth for a few months where she works as a nurse, so I wanted to visit her. And also stop in at least one city for a couple of days to stretch my short legs and get to know the country a little better.

The ride takes around nine hours with car to Port Elizabeth and 15 with Baz Bus because it picks up backpackers at different hostels along the Garden Route. It’s a very safe way to travel in South Africa and I actually enjoy being on buses. It’s the perfect way to see a lot of the country and meet other travelers that gives you tips on what to do and where to go next.

Many places the scenery was very similar to the Norwegian countryside and while thinking about just that, we drove past a giant ostrich in the middle of the field eating grass like a cow. I told you, just like Norway!

I originally wanted to jump off the bus in a town called Wilderness, but my plan failed and I went straight to Port Elizabeth the same day.


Got to Hippo Backpackers around ten o’clock at night, and after 15 hours on the road and two days in a dorm, I was ready for some comfort in a king size bed in my pre-booked private room and take advantage of the free wireless internet. That didn’t happen! Instead my room got one bunk bed and one single bed. Haha!

I locked my self into my little castle, snuck into my single bed and listened to the rain that once again started to pour down outside while I tried to post this message on my blog, but the internet didn’t work.

So long! H <3

I’m back for a quick HELLO

I’m back for a quick HELLO

None can see that I’m crying

None can see that I’m crying