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When in doubt – travel

When in doubt – travel

Well hello, ladies and gentlemen!

Friday I had my last day as a working girl and today I’m on my way to South Africa – for a two month well deserved vacation  I have no clue what happens after that, but probably something fun!!

It’s been a while since I’ve been traveling solo now, so I’m super exited about this trip. Usually I don’t like to plan too much before leaving, but this time I actually have a few things lined up.

First of all – hold your horses – I’m going to spend ten days at a silent meditation retreat at Dhamma Pataka!! That means: No talking, no laughing, no phone, no social media, no books, no music, no workout, no writing, no nothing (except a lot of crying, I guess) – for ten days. We’re getting up at 4 am every morning and will be meditating for 11 hours a day. You should start putting in bets for how long you think I’ll last!

I know it’s going to be really challenging both mentally and physically, but hopefully I’ll be a proper Saint, with an insight so great that it will be embarrassing for most of you mediocre people to be around me, when done. Not trying to be an asshole, but let’s keep it real!

Also, I will be working as a volunteer at Panthera Africa, a big cat sanctuary, for three weeks. Wiiiiii!! 

Touchdown Cape Town

Touchdown Cape Town