My name is Henriette and I’m a restless and adventurous soul from Norway. Since I was born and grew up in the cold, but beautiful north, I’m always on the look for a new exotic place where the sun shines bright, the palm trees stand tall and the sunsets never disappoints.

I feel free when I don’t own a lot of stuff, because that means I can quit whatever I’m doing and travel the world when routine life hits me like a bitch in the face. As it does!! Haha!

Life is too short to play safe

I’ve lived in Australia for two years, in Los Angeles for seven years and I’ve traveled through all of Central America, a lot of South America, and some of Asia, South Africa and Europe.

I’ve been working as a journalist for 12 years, mainly with entertainment news, but I also do freelance work. I've interviewed a lot of the big Hollywood stars during the years, but most of all I just want to sit on a beach with a coconut in my hand and watch the sunset.

If you have a question or just want to say hi – feel free to get in touch!

– Love Henriette –


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